Each item comes with a guarantee period from 6 months to lifetime

We accept returns, exchanges, and cancellations

Our brand has 10 years of perfect reputation

We have 5 shops on global market places

We guarantee metal quality with the mark of the State Assay Office

More than 1500 real reviews from our private customers from all over the world

Hi! My name is Pavel Vorobev.

Doctor Vorobev is a jewelry studio jewelry items in science, medical and beauty themes.

You’d probably wonder do you even need such jewelry? But the answer is that everyone needs it!

  • Medics, teachers, beauty specialists – as a symbol of professionalism, an item that helps to keep joy during long work hours.
  • Pacients – as a gratitude to a doctor who did right decisions in right time and saved health and life.
  • Students or their parents – as a symbol of gratitude to teachers
  • Anyone – as a thanks to your dentist or pediatrician who you visit for many years.
  • This is a perfect gift for a doctor, beautician, teacher for a birthday or a professional holiday!

We do not import products from Tailand or China, we create our items from idea to production. A full cycle production allows us to realize any idea. At first our artist draws a sketch, then a 3D model is built and a long production process begins. Our items are cast from precious metals – gold and silver in a special casting furnace and then go on to further processing. Each product stores the warmth of the hands of the master, who creates a unique jewelry from an unattractive semi-finished casting product. Each of our items has a finishing or coating: gold jewelry is polished to a mirror finish, silver jewelry has a rhodium coating or gilding that prevents the darkening of the metal, as well as one of the finishing options we use local oxidation – it gives the noble aged look to a relief or textured surfaces.

Cognac will be put in a closet, sweets or cake will be quickly eaten, wilted flowers will be thrown out. This gift will remain for many years. And do you have a familiar doctor, a teacher, a beauty-sphere specialist?


Pavel Vorobev
Brand Creator